Mary Lord for District of Columbia State School Board

Who is Mary Lord?

What's Mary Lord's Track Record?

As a State Board member, Mary Lord has presided over the biggest policy changes in local school governance since Home Rule as well as the sweeping rewrite of the federal No Child Left Behind law, and fought to ensure that all students are prepared for 21st century success:

Why Mary is running for office

The State Board has three major initiatives in the works, and with your help Mary would like to stick around and complete them:

  1. Engage the public in crafting a new school accountability plan to replace No Child Left Behind's narrow focus on reading and math tests.
  2. Revise graduation requirements to support quality vocational education, civic engagement, and such real-world skills as financial literacy.
  3. Promote policies aimed at closing the opportunity/achievement gap.

Why your help is important

You know your community.  The District has many neighborhoods with different strengths and needs.

You tell us what needs to be done. You hear and see things that are important.

You know your kids.  Families know their kids best.  While it won't happen overnight, the standards the State Board sets will eventually shape the futures of all our families.

You know what matters.  Sure, everyone wants "the best" for kids. But every student has different strengths and it's quite another matter to figure out how to make a system that delivers results for as many kids as possible.  It's listening to you that helps make it clear which results really matter.

Let's Be Frank

Mary's passion is public education not politics.  Education policy tools and techniques are her "thing," the District of Columbia is her home, she's done a great job so far, and she's shown she's willing to listen.  It simply makes good sense to re-elect Mary Lord to the State Board of Education on November 8.

Re-Elect Mary Lord For At Large State School Board Member on November 8, 2016